Everyday Business English

business woman with headset

Your English is already good. Let’s make it great.

You know that having a better command of English will help your career, but where do you lack fluency and confidence?

Communication Mode Skill Area Activities
☐ Speaking ☐ Vocabulary ☐ Emails
☐ Listening ☐ Pronunciation ☐ Conference calls
☐ Writing ☐ Grammar ☐ Networking
☐ Reading ☐ Usage ☐ Presentations

We can sort this out together. During our first session, we’ll discuss your personal assessment of your skills and needs, and I’ll provide my evaluation and perspective. Then we’ll agree on your goals and a general methodology to use.

My favorite approach is discussion-based, with you doing most of the talking, and me providing corrections and explanations. We often work together on an article that is relevant and interesting to you. Sometimes I would pick the article; sometimes you would choose.

With this method, I provide you with a list of the key vocabulary to look out for and learn. I select words that I feel you might not know, and are either important to understanding the article or key business-related words. To help you get these words into your active vocabulary, I might ask you to construct some sentences that use the words.

The level we use will be challenging for you — but not too challenging. We want to stretch you a little bit each time we meet.

If this isn’t the right approach for you, we’ll do it another way. We might work on specific items from your work. Or use a book. Or a combination of these and other methods.

However we do it, I’ll send you materials and a short assignment in advance, so we will both be prepared to get the most benefit from our time together.

Do you have questions? Or are you ready to get started?