Job Search Coaching

This is very customized work, focusing on five key topics, with the process led by me

I am able to provide this high-quality job assistance because I have many years’ experience both as a job seeker and as a hiring manager.

Students say that my help has made the difference between them getting a job and maybe not even getting an interview.

Understanding how job search works and what this means for you

4 steps

This has to be the place to start. Before you can be successful in a job search, you need to know how the process works from the hiring company’s or recruiter’s perspective. You also need to understand the importance of creating and understanding paystubs, and how the next four pieces fit together. My experience both as a hiring manager and as a job seeker lets me build this understanding.

Hint: their goals are different than you think and that needs to drive your preparation.

Developing a powerful resume or CV

resume cv cloud

This is the most important document, as it both presents you to a company and helps prepare you for the interviews. Writing a good one is a bit of an art, but there is a logical process we will follow that gets us part of the way. We’ll work through this carefully, together, so you internalize the process so you can do it on your own next time.

Hint: Most people put too much information in their resume. Stop yourself!

Writing a compelling cover letter

cover letter slice

While this may physically “cover” your resume, most hiring managers look at it after your resume has caught their interest during the first scan. It needs to further stimulate their interest and leave them wanting more. I’ll provide examples and work with you to create a powerful, engaging letter that will “compel” the hiring manager to give you and your resume a second, long look and want to meet you and learn more.

Hint: Most people send the cover letter and resume to the wrong person. Don’t make that mistake!


woman interviewing man

OK, this is the critical part. Your last hurdle before getting hired will be a series of interviews where you need to sell yourself. You need to know what to expect, be prepared for it, and be prepared to handle the unexpected. We’ll work on the questions you are likely to face based on the job, and we’ll work on some tricky ones or hard ones that can pop up anytime.

Hint: “Tell me about yourself” is not an innocent question. Beware!

Following up and process management


Many job seekers fail here, at this final stage. We’ll make sure that doesn’t happen to you. We’ll develop a plan for follow-up to be sure you stay top-of-mind.

Hint: Don’t bug them, but don’t let them forget you.