Speak Fluent Business English
Like a Native


I work with students from all around the world, preparing them for career advancement.

Why don't you join in the success?

What Results You Get

Black binocularsIn a nutshell, confidence that leads to success. You become confident in your ability to communicate powerfully and effectively in English. This leads to more opportunity, better results, greater enjoyment, and more money.

You can think of it as "polishing" your already strong English skills, with a focus on content relevant to business today.

We can work on any or all of the skills: reading, writing, listening, speaking. We can focus on any or all key areas: pronunciation, vocabulary, grammar. We can strengthen any or all components of your job search: resume/cv, cover letter, interviewing, follow up. And we can improve your presentation to large or small groups.


Meet Ed

Black handshakeHi, my name is Ed. Communication is my expertise; Job Search and Business English are my specialties. With over 35 years of business experience and 7 years teaching experience, I have been helping people online since 2010, offering custom lessons designed to be relevant, valuable, and fun.

Most of my time is still spent working on my business. I teach a limited number of highly motivated business professionals for a few hours a week. All my students are at an upper intermediate or advanced level.

Why do I fit teaching in my busy schedule? Because I get great satisfaction helping people advance their careers. Because I am interested in languages. (I'm currently learning Italian.) Because I like meet people from other cultures and sharing experiences.

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How We Work Together

Silhouette of hiking man jumping over the mountainsWhether you want to work on general Business English or focus on Job Search, the lesson is planned just for you

Based on your interests, I plan a custom lesson. Based on your needs, I guide the lesson. Together, we build your English skill toward being a native speaker.

During our very interactive sessions, the goal is to give you as much practice for you as possible, done in an interesting and fun way. We'll converse and practice listening and speaking. Maybe we'll review some written work or practice reading.

At the end of each session, we discuss what you liked and what we should do differently to make the lessons more valuable for you.>/br>


Am I the Right Teacher for You?

Silhouette of  man with question markWe can explore this during our first session, but ask yourself:

  • Am I committed to advancing my career?
  • Do I feel that having excellent English skills will help me advance?
  • Do I consider myself to be an intermediate or advanced student?
  • Am I committed to working at learning?
  • Do I believe that having a teacher with extensive business experience is valuable?
  • Am I willing to invest the time and money it takes to reach native or near-native fluency in Business English?

If you've said "yes" to these questions, then we should talk.

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